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Visiting Game Of Thrones’ Real-Life Locations

While Game of Thrones relies heavily on CG effects, it also uses tons of real-world locations to bring places like King’s Landing to life.

Blogger Andrea David of Filmtourismus travels around the globe, taking snaps of locations from a variety of movies and TV shows. Her Game of Thrones comparison photos show how places like Palácio de San Anton in Malta, Audley Castle in Northern Ireland and Trsteno Arboretum in Croatia have appeared in the hit show.

Long time ago when you didn't have to care about Dragons, White Walkers or Cersei… ? ❄️ ⚔️ #daenerystargaryen #emiliaclarke #gameofthrones #got #picinpic #sceneplacing #sceneframing #malta #visitmalta #pentos #khaleesi

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