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Is Tyrion going to lose his tongue?

Tyrion’s a talker. His facility with words has gotten him out of many sticky situations, whether he’s saving Jon from getting beaten up by Night’s Watchmen in season 1 or convincing pirates to take him and Jorah to Meereen.

He also uses it in his job — as chief advisor to Daenerys Targaryen, most of what he does is talk to her, as when he convinced her to give the King in the North a chance, and we all know how important that turned out to be.

But could Tyrion one day lose his biggest asset? A new theory from Alt Shift X supposes Tyrion’s wit might lead to the loss of his tongue. Gross.

Alt Shift X notes that despite Tyrion having some of the best lines throughout the series, Tyrion’s words land him in trouble as often is they save him. And while there are only a few notable examples of characters losing their tongues on the show (Ilyn Payne, Marillion the singer), the novels by George R.R. Martin have far more. So there is precedent. Anyone wishing to punish Tyrion or take revenge on him could do no better than to take his tongue.

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